Deli-1-traxsourceDeli-G is the creator of the well-known radio show ‘The Touch’ one of the most cutting edge and longest running mix shows in the UK to date and well respected worldwide.

He is an internationally renowned and respected DJ who is a legend in the making and someone who lets his music speak for itself. Deli continues to shine a light on the dance floor and airwaves ensuring that the legacy of House music continues long after the last person has left the dance floor.

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Deli’s love of music began at an early age playing his junior school disco in the mid 70’s, he helped at a family friends local record shop at age 9 then things progressed the next level when he moved to Kingston, Jamaica in 1977.

By 1979 Deli and his brother Colin started to build their sound system playing a wide range of music from disco to soul and dancehall in local bars and house parties. At their peak the sound system was involved with sound clashes against some the likes of Gemini and others, but it wasn’t until he once again returned to the UK in 1985 that his music career began to take off as Deli became involved in the Bristol music scene; playing parties with ‘The Wild Bunch Crew’ (known now as the world famous ‘Massive Attack’), he also played at the Moon club (now “Super Club” Lakota) and the long running and ever popular ‘Thekla’ boat nightclub among others.

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It was only a few years later that Deli-G helped start one of Bristol’s hottest pirate radio stations (B.A.D. Radio)! Playing a wide of range of American dance music, his radio show rose to bigger and bigger things and he soon started his own regular night at the Players Night Club in Bath along with his close friend D.J Lynx (from the ground-breaking collaboration Smith & Mighty Productions). This is when Deli started to really make a name for himself in the club scene.

In 1990 a group of regular clubbers who happened to work for BBC Bristol approached Deli about a new legal radio station to see if he would be interested in running a show with them and so his radio career began alongside his club nights. Two local businesses, Thekla & Replay Record shops backed the new show.

Deli’s music mix show “The Touch” was launched in 1991 and this gave him 100% control of the music on the new ‘Galaxy’ 97.2fm show based in Bristol (which was predominantly an urban and dance music radio station). With the original contract stating 6 months when it expired; ‘Galaxy’ decided to keep the programme.

A year later Deli along with Galaxy took his talents to the ‘New Music Seminar’ in New York to meet some of the people whose music he had been playing on his shows. This was the door opening and the start of new long-lasting friendships with people who would help open up new horizons for the ‘Galaxy’ brand.

By the end of 1993 all the major players in the dance scene like the late great Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work, Marshall Jefferson, Roger Sanchez, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk amongst others were all playing guest spots on Deli’s own show.

Whilst still playing a major role in the UK club scene Deli scored a land mark tour of South Africa with ‘Lakota’ night club where he performed various live show broadcasts with South Africa’s Metro FM and 5FM along with Danny Rampling from BBC Radio 1, who were of course at the time among the earliest European DJ’s playing in South Africa.

Throughout ‘90’s Deli developed his style of music and tastes more towards the lovers of American dance music by introducing more US features on his radio shows. 1995 was the year that Deli did the first of two music compilations. The first being for ‘Distance Music’ and called ‘House Proud Volume 2’ and the second in 2001 for ‘Slip’n’Slide’ called “Hallelujah”.

In 2000 Deli won an award for BEST OVERSEAS RADIO SHOW, presented at The Dirty Dozen awards at the ‘Miami Winter Music Conference’. He was given joint first with BBC Radio 1’s Danny Rampling!

Toward the end of the year Deli-G added some of the true legends of dance music to his show including the creator of the 12” record ‘Tom Moulton’. He had guests from one of the most world-famous nightclubs and one of the major players within the inner circle from the ‘Paradise Garage’ on his show along who was the owner of ‘Westend Records’ the late ‘Mel Cheren’. Both did a monthly feature bringing a bit of music history and culture to the show.

In 2002 Deli then brought us reports from New York, Chicago and the UK on the music scene relative to each country. He introduced monthly guest mixes from big players in the US House / Garage music including the talented Bobby & Steve, Paul Simpson, DJ Disciple and the late Boyd Jarvis.

2003 was hot to follow and another well-deserved recognition; Deli-G scooped up his second award for ‘BEST OVERSEAS RADIO’ in New York which was presented by ‘Undaground’ a part of the ‘Billboard Summit’.

August 2004 and Deli roles out the Roasted parties where U.K.G (UK Garage) meets US House with his long-time friend Ben Daley at various venues around the city. A forever popular night where the music and people are one. Deli’s and Ben’s brand ‘Roasted’ were renowned for throwing down the heaviest parties on a Sunday night, boasting a Hall of Fame style line up of legendary artists such as: Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens and Danny Rampling to name but a few. To this day Deli is still promoting / hosting a series of packed out parties in the south west of the UK.

Sept-Oct 2004 With his tried and tested blueprint; Deli searched the hottest records shops across the south of the UK to discover the top 3 selling records of the week to play on his show using Catch-a-Groove, City Sounds, Uptown Records in London along with Bang Bang, Replay Records and Eat The Beat all based in Bristol and Catapult Records in Cardiff for the most popular; the most banging house tunes from the US and beyond along with distributors heavily involved within the underground scene. This ground-breaking and soon to be trailblazing method brought the fans to the record shops with their latest cassette and CDR recordings buying the tunes they’d heard on Deli’s show solidifying relationships with the shop owners like Abbey Shah (Release the Groove) and adding a willingness to share and work with another his now longstanding friends.

It was not long after in ‘05 Deli mixed his third compilation for suSU records called ‘Get Lifted’.

In August 2006 and after almost 16 years of broadcasting to the South West of the England & South Wales; and one of the longest running radio mix shows in the U.K. ever, listeners tuned in to hear ‘The Touch’ Show take its final broadcast on Vibe FM. The end of an incredible era for all.

Mid 2006 – 2011 with his ground-breaking logic, a keen ear for a banger, tireless pursuit of the next party to rock and brand to build; Deli had stayed ahead of the curve introducing 1000’s of people to new phonic experiences. However, the times were changing, CDs were out, and online downloads were and still are the new way of connecting with your favourite sounds and Deli with his finger firmly on the pulse once again recognises the change. His friend Brian Tappert (Jazz ’n’ Groove) who he originally met at The New Music Seminar in New York; and who is the co-founder/owner of Traxsource; approached Deli bringing his trail blazing broadcasting style to connect with a solely digital audience, he was given his own digital download show “The Future of House” and with his ambition and drive, it syndicated to a worldwide audience.

After taking some much-needed time out; Deli-G returned in 2012, with another award-winning radio show on BCfm. Using the well-known analogy, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, ‘ The Touch’ carried on with his tried and tested technique playing the best in upfront Soulful House, while dedicating the last hour to showcasing selected cuts, digging deep from ‘The Touch Rewind’ archives dating right back to 1991. With the advancement in technology and the wide spread availability of the internet, ‘The Touch’ Show is now connected to a worldwide music family and continues to welcome listeners from the heart of Bristol and all over the globe.

In recent years Deli has continued to spread the gospel of real house music and by linking up with former ‘Roasted’ partner in crime DJ Ben Daley and notorious God Son of Soulful House, DJ and Producer Sean McCabe; collectively formed the Bristol based basis of the Good Vibrations parties. With DJ royalty such as: Joey Negro, CJ Mackintosh, The Legendary Late Great Paul Trouble Anderson and Kenny Dope all topping the bill.

Good Vibrations parties saw the return of a by gone era of true house music for real music lovers. Playing latest soulful dance grooves with one the UK’s hottest producers Sean McCabe’s digital sessions at The Plough Inn Bristol to this day.

Leading into November of 2014; the B.A.D. parties with his buddies D.J. Lynx and Mike Shawe from “Hot Buttered Soul” are hot events taking us back to the 80’s hip hop, boogie 80’s street soul held at Bristol’s hot spot The Love Inn.

In rolls January of 2017 and True Definition branded parties are a night for all thing’s vinyl from disco to house music at the popular Bristol destination Queens Head. In May of the same year; Roots of House brand began and is a night where we take the crowd a musical journey history of house music. Again, with the almighty Sean McCabe (Good Vibrations Music) and now with Alex Dinham from Boogie Cafe Records onboard these parties are at The Crofters Rights Bristol.

With all brands going strong across the board, along with his veteran radio career and other events all around the UK; Deli’s hard work and dedication to the music he loves continues to capture magical musical moments; entertains and always leaves you with a smile.

And so; the story will continue…