Songwriter, music producer, remixer and touring DJ, Lem Springsteen has worked professionally in the music business from an early age. He is widely known for his involvement in the partnership Mood II Swing.

They were responsible for a plethora of cult following House remixes in the 90’s from major and independent labels in the US and Europe. They were hired to produce dance/House vocal and DJ club remixes of radio versions. However, after proving that this keyboardist can write a proper song and releasing original productions with or without Mood II Swing, Lem reached accolades from Billboard magazine for number one dance play and received a certified gold record from A&M for his participation in the international dance hit song “Free” by Ultra Nate. This happened years after “paying your dues”.

As an individual Lem has always believed in the power of collaboration. He has collaborated with artists such as La India, the Grammy nominated award winning album from Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler, Kenny Bobien, Adina Howard, Dawn Robinson, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Satoshi Tomeii, Towa Tei, Uk’s Pete Simpson, Sean McCabe, from the Good Vibrations imprint and Dave Lee, just to name a few. He has been liked for his chorus ideas, grooves and/or lyrical content style. He has been signed to major music publishing Houses, such as EMI, where he was introduced to another level of the music business. He has been fortunate to have a few recorded songs placed in major films, thanks to his involvement with EMI and Universal. He has also been fortunate to co-write the theme to the “Weight Watchers” commercial campaign song in Germany, in 2011.

Currently Lem started his own imprint, Urban Lounge Music, as a vehicle to own and showcase his solo projects. The vibe of the label thusfar is a combination of down to midtempo jazzy lounge and ambient music, which will later include deep to soulful house selections. Simultaneously he plans to continue to deliver to Mood II Swing fans, while continuing to collaborate with like- minded artists.

In 2016 Lem and his partner from Mood II Swing joined the Air London agency, touring as international DJs. As a DJ he has admitted to the experience enriching and widening a music producer’s scope. “The ability to visualize what works on a dance floor in various territories is priceless for when producing dance music. Although it’s not absolutely needed for writing a song, it’s a great tool for a producer”, says Lem.

As a child Lem Springsteen got the music bug by first watching artists like The Commodores and Earth Wind & Fire perform. His father was part of the legal/accounting team for Lionel Ritchie’s band, The Commodores. His mother, influenced by Gospel music was the daughter of a touring classical vocalist. Naturally coming from a musical family Lem was put in basic piano training, at an early age than became self- taught. After studying further with the music producer Vaughan Mason, who already had two gold records, Lem was further trained into analog synthesizer programming, writing songs and performing live. After winning amateur night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem New York, Lem and his younger brother signed a single deal with Chrysalis records UK. At a youthful age they experienced performing their single live around the NY club circuit. This is where it all started. Later his younger brother became one of the A&R’s for the infamous Sean P. Diddy Combs and the Bad boy American recording label. So Lem is well aware of that side of the business.

“The industry will eventually box one in a category but as long as I feel connected to music that moves me and uplifts the soul, in any genre, than I’m good. I grew up during the Motown era and have seen dance and R&B music morph over time from the underground to mainstream”, says Lem. Future endeavors are to continue to create and evolve as a musician and music producer.