GVM009: Sean McCabe feat. HanLei – Now Is The Time

The vocal powerhouse ‘HanLei’ return to Good Vibrations Music with a new collaboration single with Sean McCabe.

“Now Is The Time” showcases Hannah and Aleysha’s consistent songwriting abilities, graciously touching on real-life subjects in a positive light, complimented by their uplifting vocals and lush harmonies.

Sean doesn’t let up – delivering his trademark classy soulful production and offering a choice of both House and Broken Beat mixes.

Buy now at Traxsource


Written by Sean McCabe, Hannah Khemoh and Aleysha Gordon
Produced and mixed by Sean McCabe
Vocals and lyrics by Hannah Khemoh and Aleysha Gordon (aka Hanlei)
Keys, Bass and Drums by Sean McCabe

For Licensing enquiries please email: enquiries@goodvibrationsmusic.co.uk


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