Good Vibrations presents Re-Vibrations (A remix collection)

Made up of a deep and voluminous array of remixes, alternative versions and DJ-friendly dubs, ‘Re-Vibrations’ is Good Vibrations Music’s most ambitious release to date. Originally released as a highly limited vinyl double-pack to celebrate Record Store Day 2019, ‘Re-Vibrations’ is now available in an expanded digital download package featuring additional, previously unheard mixes by Karizma (as Kaytronik), IG Culture, QB Smith and Sean McCabe.

The newly extended package includes inspired new versions of some of the label’s most talked-about and sought-after tracks. Karizma leads the way with a tough but soulful Kaytronik Dub of Sean McCabe feat the HanLei’s ‘Now Is The Time’ that layers the latter’s wonderful vocals over a thumping bed of redlined beats, soundsystem-rattling sub-bass and twinkling, music box style melodies.

CoOp co-founder IG Culture dazzles with two sublime and spacey broken beat rubs of Sean McCabe and Mike City’s effortlessly soulful ‘I Know Someone’, while fast-rising producer QB Smith – a regular Good Vibrations remixer – offers up a stunning re-write of David Bailey and HanLei’s ‘Running Me Wild’ that re-casts the cut as a politically-charged chunk of seductive jazz-funk/drum and bass fusion. An alternative take on the same track is provided by Nick Moss AKA Groove Assassin, underpins the original’s smooth and slick instrumentation with beefy new beats and a rumbling sub-bass motif that recalls the mid-’90s dancefloor dubs offered up Strictly Rhythm.

One of the most impressive reworks comes from 95 North member Richard Payton, whose revision of McCabe’s collaboration with Mr V, ‘It Can Be’, is little less than a total re-make. Featuring fresh keys, bass and drums from the experienced American producer, Payton’s peak-time ready revision sits somewhere between revivalist hip-house and the kind of bumpin’ business with which 95 North made their name in the mid 1990s. The package also contains a deliciously bass-heavy deep hip-house revision of the same cut by Cardiff producer Justin Stride under his familiar Black Sonix pseudonym.

To complete the package, label boss Sean McCabe offers up a quartet of unreleased reworks in his inimitable style. Arguably the most notable is his deep, shuffling and effortlessly soulful remix of ‘Rain Or Shine’ by Circle of Funk featuring Mike City. McCabe also delivers two takes on his production for Dannis Winston, ‘Rocket Love’. He first serves up a DJ-friendly edit of Louie Vega’s in-demand ‘Ole School Remix’, before doffing a cap to ’90s UK house stalwarts Black Science Orchestra on the chunky and funky Rocket Funk Dub. You’ll also find McCabe’s extra-percussive Beat and Bass Dub of Vega’s now celebrated ‘Rocket Love’ remix.

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