Various Artists – Good Vibrations Vol. 1

Good Vibrations Volume 1 is the first in a vinyl-exclusive set of releases bringing together 4 killer tracks that showcase the label’s diverse musical palate.


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What people are saying

Dave Lee (Z Records, UK) – “Another great EP from Good Vibrations”

Earl Jeffers (Melange, UK) “Big up as always. Danny’s Jam for the win!!”

Volcov (Neroli, Italy) – “Quality as usual from Good Vibrations Music”

Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks In Hell, Amsterdam) – “Killer tunes!”

Jimpster (Freerange, UK) – “Sounding heavy!”

Alex Attias (Visions Recordings, Switzerland) – “The whole EP provides goodness for the dance floor and moods. Nowadays it’s rare to get so much quality on one piece so get on it quick; it’s an essential house music release.”

Ashley Beedle (UK) – “Tough, soulful dance music that keeps the house tradition burning, but rocks the spot right now. Hard to find an overall favourite. It’s that good! Trust me I’ll be playing these tracks for a long time to come”

Opolopo (Sweden) “A solid quality EP with proper bounce and deepness.”

Booker T (Liquid Deep, UK) “Feeling all the mixes love the mike city track will support”

Kai Alce (NDATL, US) “HOT 12″ ‘Wanna Be Good’ is DOPE as is ‘For the Culture’ with the slick voice of Mike City!”

Turbojazz (Last Forever Records, Italy) – “Serious business on this solid EP! “For the culture” is a potential instant classic. Full support!”

Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing, US) – “Good Vibrations Music delivers another DJ friendly, dancefloor journey featuring various artists bringing you official House Music”

CJ Mackintosh (UK) “Amazing 4 track EP from the Good Vibrations Camp. Love it. Quality house music as always.”


The Journey Men alongside vocalist supremo Mike City get things underway with ‘For the Culture’. The duo has built a notable following through their distinct deep & bumpy soulful DJ sets, a sound which they effortlessly carry through to their own productions. ‘For the Culture’ is pure uplifting & inspiring house music with Mike City’s true & heartfelt vocals explaining quite clearly the love & passion connected with what they do.

Black Sonix ‘Danny’s Jam’ (a nod to Danny J Lewis) takes things on a slightly deeper route, using hooky chords & killer bouncing basslines to create somethings rather special – it’s pure energy from the off yet still with that soulful touch & has been an ever present (and much sought after) track in a few A-listers DJ sets over the past couple of years; finally, the secret is out!

Refusing to be outdone on his own label Sean’s ‘Wanna Be Good’ is packed with all the qualities you’ve come to expect from a no-nonsense McCabe Dub! Just enough vocal in there to keep you on your toes with a slick analogue bass & rampant chord hook to keep you right in the centre of the dancefloor. It’s another one of those closely guarded secret weapons that has had people running to the booth.

Wrapping thing up is ‘My Way’ a debut original collaboration between Sean McCabe & Dave Jones as Motion Severn (called that due to the Severn Bridge which separates where the pair live). Dave & Sean’s relationship stretches back to 2000 where Dave actually offered Sean his first DJ gigs, so this coming-together as a production duo has been a long time coming. Paying homage to their shared love of the classic Strictly Rhythm & Red Zone Dub sounds, their work here recreates & reimagines that classic era of house music but for a new generation to enjoy, something recently shown through their remix of Solution’s ‘Was It Just a Game’ (also on GVM). 


A1. The Journey Men feat. Mike City – For The Culture

Written by Ben Coppin, Miggs Harris, and Michael C Flowers
Produced by Ben Coppin, Miggs Harris and Leigh Darlow
Vocals and lyrics by Michael C Flowers
Mixed by Leigh Darlow
Publishing: Copyright Control, Mike City Music (BMI)

A2. Black Sonix – Danny’s Jam

Written and produced by Justin Stride
Keys, beats and bass performed by Justin Stride
Publishing: Copyright Control

B1. Sean McCabe – Wanna Be Good

Written and produced by Sean McCabe
Keys, beats, bass and vocals performed by Sean McCabe
Publishing: Copyright Control

B2. Motion Severn – My Way

Written by Sean McCabe, Dave Jones and Amy Nicole Smith
Produced by Sean McCabe and Dave Jones
Spoken word vocals performed by Amy Nicole Smith
Keys, beats, and bass performed by Sean McCabe
Publishing: Copyright Control, Pheonixledivamusic (SESAC)

All tracks mastered by Walter Coelho
Pressed and distributed by

© 2021 Good Vibrations Music.

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