Harold Matthews Jr – Peripheral Vision (12″ Album Sampler)

Good Vibrations Music dives straight into 2022 with a bang courtesy of ‘Harold Matthew Jr’ (aka Big Ed) with his long player project; “Peripheral Vision”.

12″ vinyl available at:

Release date: 4 March 2022



Chicago-based Harold wrote his first releases in the early 90’s with artists like Ron Trent, Terry Hunter, Maurice Joshua and Ron Carroll with songs such as “Ritual Of Love” and Barbara Tucker’s “I Get Lifted”. Throughout the late 90’s he was well known for his songs under his ‘Blak Beat Niks’ alias with production partner K. Fingers on PAN Records, Large Music and his own label Melodious Fonk with “The Sun Will Shine”. The 2000’s saw him move on to further projects with the likes of Slip N Slide, Mark Knight, Peppermint Jam, Glenn Underground, Makin’ Moves and Sean McCabe.

Moving into the next chapter, “Peripheral Vision” is a genre-spanning journey, drawing influences from a multitude of angles and providing a true reflection of Harold’s passion for song writing and spoken word, with a host of guest producers and vocalists.
“Deep Into My Sleep” opens the release and brings Cardiff’s ‘Black Sonix’ to the party and Harold’s sublime vocals provide the narrative to the afro tinged beats. It’s got soulful undertones a plenty with warm rushes of BVs and percussive rhythms to keep feet dancing way into the late night hour. 
“Put Your Hands Together” gets serious on the dancefloor with driving beats and an explosion of synth flicks, hits and stabs. It’s Sean’s subtle nod to the Trax era, suggested by Harold, and set to become a firm fave with those that like their groove a little more analogue.
Effortlessly moving through the soulful gears, Harold and Sean McCabe’s “Into You” brings guest vocalist Dawn Williams onboard for a lazy, hypnotic and sumptuous slice of house. Set amongst an uplifting backdrop of smooth chords and lushed out riffs, the vocalists playfully bounce off each other asking questions and telling answers whilst keeping all elements sat firmly in the sweet spot.
Another Cardiff-based producer ‘DJ Fill’ shifts up the groove with “Pause”. Still oozing the soul but with a more Hip Hop-meet-Broken Beat vibe and peppered with smooth Rhodes, niggly electronic arps and a bassline that ain’t letting you go. Harold and Syl Messi go head to head with the lyrics, bringing together a smooth and edgy vocal balance for something truly special and unique.
Proving that all good things must come to an end, the title track “Peripheral Vision” closes things out featuring guest raps and production from Chicago’s own ‘Nickel Slick’ on their mission to rebuild and re-educate through the power of lyrics. It’s a heartfelt track with a strong and relevant message for today’s testing times.

Supported by the likes of:

  • Laurent Garnier “Super elegant musi. Loooove it . Yes yesss yessssssssssss. Thanks a lot”
  • Osunlade “Yes yes yes ME ALL DAY!! LOVELY.”
  • Dam Swindle “True to form stuff here.”
  • Zepherin Saint “Always on point releases from Sean’s Label. Love the concept of the album, Fave track Put your hands together.”
  • Jimpster “This is lovely. Deep Into My Sleep is a vibe and Sean’s remix is bang on too!
    Will try and get caught up on some of your other bits over the next few days.”
  • Bill Brewster “It’s all good but particularly Deep Into My Sleep”
  • Colleen Cosmos Murphy “Liking this already and only on the first song.”
  • Ashley Beedle “Killer EP. Absolutely love it.”


A1 – Deep Into My Sleep (Produced by Black Sonix)

Written by Harold E Matthews Jr and Justin Stride
Vocals by Harold Matthews Jr
Background vocals by Harold Matthews Jr and Symone
Publishing: Blak Beat Niks ASCAP, Copyright Control

A2 – Put Your Hands Together (Produced by DJ Fill)

Written by Harold E Matthews Jr and Philip J Evans
Vocals by Harold Matthews Jr
Remixed by Sean McCabe
Publishing: Blak Beat Niks ASCAP, Copyright Control

B1 – Into You feat. Dawn Williams (Produced by Sean McCabe)

Written by Harold E Matthews Jr, Darius M Matthews and Sean Mccabe
Vocals by Harold Matthews Jr and Dawn Williams
Publishing: Blak Beat Niks ASCAP, Messi Productions BMI, Copyright Control, Messi Productions BMI

B2 – Pause feat. Syl Messi (Produced by DJ Fill)

Written by Harold E Matthews, Darius M Matthews and Philip J Evans
Vocals by Harold Matthews Jr and Syl Messi
Publishing: Blak Beat Niks ASCAP, Copyright Control, Messi Productions BMI

B3 – Peripheral Vision feat. Nickel Slick (Produced by Azza K Fingers)

Written by Harold E Matthews Jr, Craig Simpkins, Scott Christian Hammond and Persean J Love
Vocals by Harold Matthews Jr, Schott Styles, Azza and Sean Love
Publishing: Blak Beat Niks ASCAP, Copyright Control, Kayfi Muzik ASCAP

Mastering: Walter Coelho

Vinyl distributed by Prime Direct Distribution

C&P 2022 Good Vibrations Music
For licensing enquiries contact info@goodvibrationsmusic.co.uk

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