Vinyl pre-order: Solution feat. Tafuri – Was It Just A Game? (Remixes)

Sean McCabe’s Good Vibrations label drops its third vinyl release courtesy of fresh reworks of the Victor Simonelli classic ‘Was It Just a Game’. Originally released in 1993 and heavily steeped in US Garage folklore, these brand-new mixes bring the track back to the dancefloor once again and are sure to please those familiar with the original and newcomers alike. As fans of the label will have come to expect, the quality is dialed high here with Black Sonix, Motion Severn and label front man Sean McCabe each taking a remix under their wing.

Pre-order 12″ vinyl

Black Sonix kicks things off fusing together stabby organ riffs, catchy Rhodes melodies & soaring strings which all provide the perfect backdrop for the oh-so catchy vocal hook to weave in and out… proper vibes right here! Next up is Sean McCabe’s Moody Dub which takes the track a little deeper into the early hours through its tight, energetic-yet-smooth drum arrangements, sweetly layered synths and low, niggly bassline which continuously prods & stabs the groove in all the right places – effortless brilliance once more from Sean.

Rounding things off is Motion Severn who slows the pace down a little whilst adding in a distinctly retro flavour. Packed to the rafters with textured riffs and chords all tastefully punctured with uplifting brass twinkles, this mix is a perfect accompaniment to the package and offers a distinctly different flavour for those that like their music a little more refined.

A classic reimagined.

Mr. V  – “Love It”

Rocco – “Full support”

Turbojazz – “Solid release!”

Ralf Gum – “Liking the Motion Severn Remix the most”


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